Worship Night at HDC

Months ago I signed up to volunteer at HDC. I wasn’t sure really when I would have time. Im usually in a web of lessons, planning for the next field trip, editing photos, and changing poopy diapers. Oh! And making dinner. We gotta eat sometime!

After my initial sign-up time slipped away. I passed on a couple volunteer opportunities. At the time I was certain my calendar app would crash if I added one more event. So a couple months went by. Maybe even a few. To be honest I thought maybe I was moved to the bottom of the list as the volunteer that always says no. So when I received the email - "Volunteer needed! Can you help?” I answered, YES! It didn't matter what my schedule looked like or what the event for that matter. I just didn’t want to be the one that superficially sat on the volunteer list. So I said yes! And I am so glad I did.

The event was HDC Worship Night with special guest band, For All Seasons. That meant… stage lights!!! Too FUN! All the lights, and angles and colors! A sort of playground for photographers. I got lucky!

I stayed the whole event and got to meet some of the Worship Team and see a little bit back stage. Pretty cool. In the end I’m the one who really won. I finally did what I set out to do, give back my time. And I did it doing something I love! I think really the hardest part to adding a new commitment is getting over that initial hump. And I did! After it was all said and done it wasn’t so bad. It was actually kinda fun!

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