Russell Powell Inspiring

February 4, 2018

I have a deep appreciation for art.  I can't say I am well versed on famous artists or that I understand all their categories and techniques.  I just know it is a beautiful thing to create- music or paintings and to dance. I have such an appreciation for it. Art is something I wish I could dive deeper into.  Its a skill that can't be taken away, an expression of self, and a joy to pass along.  


I recently came across Russell Powell, a hand-stamping artist.  I am not talking about rubber stamps on paper.  I am talking about beautiful master pieces painted on his HAND and then stamped onto paper. This is just so precious to me on many levels. 


As a child my mom treasured our handprints. Now I, as an adult, see the great value in the handprints of my growing children.  Each print is unique and can't be replicated. It tells a story of their age and size. It is personal. It's yours. 


When my mom shared the link to Pangean Studios artwork I was completely moved.  His work is so unique and captivating. I appreciate how each piece of his work is a piece of the artist, Russel Powell himself. 


Below are some of my favorite pieces by Russell Powell.  I found these images through simple google search.  Please see photo credit below each image. And check out to learn more about Russell Powell and his career not only as an artist but as a teacher! He also has several organizations he supports through his art work. 


Photo above taken from





Photo taken from Click ker 



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