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Life as a homeschooling mom of four is hectic. I run circles constantly making sure I have checked all the boxes - breakfast & Bible study, lessons, break for chores, more lessons then lunch, store run, books back to the library and then dinner, and on and on it goes - piano, memory work, taekwondo, baseball and soccer. All for the love of my kiddos!! Well, summer break is here and I have promised myself a break as well! Obviously photography is one of my favorite pass times but I am growing fond of another hobby- SEWING!!

My mom is no doubt a master quilter! She taught me how to sew when I was in high school school. I made my first quilt top then... and that is as far as it got! Assembling squares and sewing straight lines. I never assembled the backing, got it quilted or did the binding. I'll finish it... one day. Maybe.

For now I am taking on much smaller projects. Ones that I can actually start and finish. Since my first baby I always wanted to make something for my children. Eventually I stumbled across these cute little DIY baby shoes. I fell in love! I wanted to make them for my children. How adorable they would be on their chubby little feet! But after having two - then three kids there was just no time! So when fourth child came and I still hadn't made the baby shoes I adored I was determined to make time. And I did!

I encourage all you busy mamas out there to find that one thing you love to do (OTHER than raising and caring for your family) and make time for it. I warn you it will seem like a chore in itself to just get started, but push through! Set up a small space for yourself even amongst the clutter and mess of the day tune everything out and get that one small thing done for you! For me it was making these baby shoes!

Just a side note. These are way too easy to make. If you have have never sewn anything before in your life I am confident you will be able to tackle these! Info to make your own pair is below! Enjoy!

Shoe Pattern on Etsy: The Beautiful Pie Shop

Fabric: Wonderland from Cotton and Steal Fabric

Special thanks to my Mom!! For sending me her Baby Lock sewing machine! JAW DROP! It runs so quiet and smooth. No more jolting and jostling of the table, from my previous sewing machine, when I get the guts to floor the presser foot like a professional seamstress on that two inch straight edge. And no more flying high falsely with confidence on how quickly I finished my project even with the jarring and jerking of my old machine only to find that the bumping and banging was so violent that it completely unthreaded my machine and wasn't even sewing at all. And WHAT?!?! A push of the button and my thread is now automatically cut for me?? Thanks mom!! Love you! I am so excited about this machine. Now to figure out all the buttons.

Here's a few cell phone shots of my girl wearing the shoes! So cute!

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