Back into the "Spring" of things

It has been over four months since I had a chance to get behind my camera. And what perfect timing- it's spring!! I have been enjoying greatly my time off taking care of my newborn baby girl. Well, not so newborn now she is eight months old!

It's always hard getting back into the swing of things. Marketing, posting on Facebook and Instagram checking my apps to see if anyone is looking for a photographer. It takes a lot just to put yourself out there! Which is why I greatly appreciate my growing friendship particularly through our Classical Conversations homeschool community and all their support with my photography.

So honored and thankful to my friend Deanna for asking me to take her daughters high school senior portraits. Her daughter, Raven, already had this cute cafe picked out right off Historic Route 66. Her teal green dress brought us back in time close to when this diner first opened in 1947.

After we spent a bit at the diner we hoped on Route 66 and took a drive on its country road until we hit an old gas station off the railroad tracks. We ended our shoot at this outdoor art museum of sorts. They had the neatest set up of old rusted bikes, vintage typewriters, and cola bottles.


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