De la Cruz 


I first met Abraham and Tresunda at their engagement shoot. I couldn't have met a more grateful gracious people.  They are a photographers dream couple. They know how to stand and embrace one another like they have been modeling for years.  The perfect smile, the perfect touch, head tilted just right for that laughter shot. But the thing is every bit of it is genuine, sincere, and true. That is what made photographing them so rich and fulfilling, so easy on the eyes.  To top it off I have never had a client so grateful and just confident in my work even before they saw a single photo.  


Aaaahh.... what a breath of fresh air, a weight lifted of my chest- freedom to be creative and just enjoy the process.  I'm a photographer because I love being behind the camera. I love taking pictures. The light, the colors, the textures, and emotions are all appealing to the eye and worthy of being captured.  Its like a secret addiction.  To take pictures and go through them again later is a sweet escape; rest and relaxation. But when you have a "client" there is always that lingering fear that threatens to tarnish that joy. "Did I get it?" "Will they be please?" "I hope they like it".  But with Abraham and Tresund that all melted away. Their personalities exudes gratefullness for my time and their words reassuring and appreciative. "You did great!", "I'm sure it will all come out fine", "Thank you so much! We really appreciate you" 

I'm not sure what I've done to be so deserving of their trust and kind words.  But I am so glad I have it and happy to have been a part of their big day.  So, THANK YOU to you, Mr & Mrs De la Cruz. You guys are wonderful!

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